Charlottesville Couples Session | Corrine + Peyton


November 1, 2021

Fact: I will never, ever say no to taking photos on a parking garage.

Once again, just reaching out to past clients/friends to make them get in front of the camera for me again.

I met Corrine & Peyton a couple years ago when I was living in eastern North Carolina. They were looking to have anniversary photos taken at a local beach and reached out to me. We actually all went to the same college and connected over pretty much everything. It was basically best friends at first sight. I adore these two, and their love is so sweet and bright.

They even helped my husband and I move in when we moved back up to Virginia. Just a couple absolute gems of human beings. I really wanted to drive the hour up to Charlottesville and play; explore the city, come up with new ideas for poses, experiment with my camera, just having fun with these two. These images came out better than I even imagined, they are some of my most favorites.

  1. Corrine says:

    I still can’t believe you made us look this good! You are MAGIC!

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