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November 1, 2021

It’s A Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes.

Jenna & Josh met in an art class back in high school, but they didn’t date yet. Josh had a crush on Jenna at the time, but she was not interested. They messaged each other on Facebook every so often through college but eventually fell out of touch. And then, Jenna changed her profile photo, and Josh was reminded of how amazing and beautiful she is, so he worked up the courage to reach back out… and then their love story really began.

One of the most epic parts of Josh and Jenna’s was their ceremony, not just because they got married, but because of the absolutely downpour that started as Jenna walked down the aisle. Like straight up thunder & lightning as she stood there in front of him. It was really like a movie, minus the DJ and some other vendors in the background slightly panicking. All I have to say is thank goodness for the tent! Oh, and the rain totally went away right after the ceremony, of course.

Also, their first dance was to The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing by Danny Kaye, which is just the most perfect song for them.

Jenna’s only photo request was an image of her running away from the camera, yes, like a freaking fairytale. And I obviously made Josh join for some as well.
Speaking of fairytales, Love Story by Taylor Swift played during their reception. Jenna, being the fellow swiftie that she is, brought Josh onto the dance floor for it. Their loved ones came around them and cheered as they danced and sang along. It was absolutely perfect.
The perfect day ended with bubbles and an exit in a car decorated and filled with balloons by their dearest friends. Such an honor to capture this fairytale of a day.

Venue: The Mount Vernon Inn
Dress/Veil/Accessories: Labella Bridal
Hair/Make Up: Makeup Lesson at Curate Beauty
Florist: Flower Moxie
Officiant: Pastor Dan Carlton of Culpeper Baptist Church
Cake: Sweet Greene Cupcakery
DJ: DJ Paul

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