You don't have to do this alone. I'm in your corner, friend.

What I Can Help With:
• How To Grab The Attention Of Your Ideal Client
• Technical Camera/Editing Things
• Building Your Portfolio
• Pricing What You're Worth
• How To Get Leads & The Booking Process
• Client Communication
• Website Copywriting & Psychology
• All Things Social Media Marketing
• Mindset & Empowerment
and any other questions you might have!


A safe place for you to share your art, your dreams, and your story.

- Tarah

"I have only dipped my toes into the world of photography, so I had to ask Tori for some technical tips as well as the business side of things. She quickly sent me a questionnaire to help me organize what I wanted to talk about during our call. She made herself available to fit my needs, I'm a new mom so life can be very hectic, I so appreciated her flexibility. During our call, she was instantly warm and inviting, I didn’t feel nervous at all. She answered all of my questions, and I had a lot! She even offered a follow-up session later in the week if we didn’t get to everything I needed before having to jump back into mom life. We covered everything I wanted, and more! I feel way more prepared now than I did before connecting with Tori and cannot wait to get started with my new tips & tricks. I highly recommend her for mentorship if you’re looking for a beautiful, kind, funny, warm mentor. I love Tori and will definitely be back for more."

- Bella

"Victoria is so sweet and genuine, she has this energy about her that feels so accepting and kind. I did a mentor session with her, and seriously I couldn’t have imagined anything better. She gave me lots of helpful tips, from go-to camera settings to posing to business & branding. It felt amazing knowing that I had her total support. She was SO encouraging as we looked over my work, but also gently gave me practical ways to improve. She is passionate about empowering and helping entrepreneurs succeed. I still reach out to her from time to time with a question or two, and she encourages this, she really wants to be friends with her students. She is passionate about people, and I think that is so inspiring and special, she stands out in this industry. I cannot emphasize enough how much I recommend having Tori as your mentor or photographer."

- Ariana

"Okay, dang. Victoria is exactly the kind of mentor you want and need for your business. She goes above and beyond for you and makes sure you are equipped with all of the tools you need to succeed. Her mentor sessions feel like you’re talking to your best friend, who also happens to be an amazing photographer and educator! She answered every question I had with so much expertise and knowledge. I was blown away by her kindness and support. So happy I connected with her and took the leap to reach out!"

- Alyssa

"Tori was so kind and helpful in providing answers to all of my questions! I really appreciated her sweet spirit and how genuine she was about wanting to get to know me as a person, not just a student. She was willing to support me and my business in whatever ways she could. Tori is a wealth of information and if there were any photographers looking to grow in their business I highly recommend her mentor sessions!"

6 one hour in-person or zoom sessions spaced out within 12 months for us to continue working toward your goals together. 1 of our 6 sessions will include a styled shoot, niched down based on your goals and ideal client! You will have my full attention through this whole process as well as access to all my tips and tricks. This experience is the most hands-on, and a really fun way to get to know each other and see you crush it in your business.


Ongoing Mentorship

Everything we would cover together in the Coffee Shop + a shooting experience with me. I'll plan the 1-hour shoot, teach prompting and posing and answer any and every question you have for me when it comes to actually capturing moments.


Meet & Shoot

We'll meet up at a coffee shop for 2 hours, I'll enjoy an iced oat-milk latte, and we will talk through anything & everything you've been wanting to know when it comes to shooting, editing, marketing, and more. I'll send you a helpful questionnaire beforehand too, just to help organize your questions.


Coffee Shop

We can do it from home, wear cozy clothes, and simply jump on Zoom for 1 hour. We will chat about all the things; shooting, editing, marketing, and more. I'll send you a helpful questionnaire beforehand too, just to help organize your questions.



The Sessions

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