I picked up my first DSLR camera after my parents gifted it to me for my 15th birthday with no intentions at all of making it my career. Over the last 10 years, I've fallen totally in love with storytelling and capturing images filled with nostalgia, which eventually led me here.

When I'm not taking photos I enjoy intentional time with Jesus, watching New Girl with my husband Chase, being outdoors with Maple (our Irish Doodle), and eating the spiciest thing on the menu. Most local coffee shops know me by name, I am a California girl at heart, not at all a morning person, and I de-stress by cleaning.

(if you understood that reference, we're already best friends)

Who's that girl? It's Tori.

Behind The Lens

Dog Mama

I am a 4w3 on the enneagram: The Enthusiast. Just call me your hype woman.

My favorite shows, in no particular order, include New Girl, The Office, The Crown, and Schitt's Creek. If you enjoy any of these, we will definitely be friends.

I am the oldest of six kids and all my friends know how much my siblings mean to me.

My go-to coffee order, right now, is an iced oat milk latte with vanilla, honey, and cinnamon.

My favorite season of the year is fall; coffee in hand, and Taylor Swift lyrics in my mind.

True crime podcasts are my favorite way to pass the time while driving.

My husband and I are two years and one week apart. I am older but, only in age, really. 

I had never had a dog until Maple. I now fully embrace dog-mom life but, all tips and encouragement are welcome.

A Little More About Me

Human connection and light. Both things motivate me. I love the way shadows dance on the wall, how the sun shines on someone's face when they turn toward it; the golden glow it can drape over everything it touches. I pull off to the side of the road more often than not to take in a sunset. I believe that it all speaks to the natural romance of life... something that I actively chase.

Weddings are my absolute, most favorite, of all things. I say this because I love the emotion, the reunions, the dancing; I see every wedding day as its own unique expression of a couple’s love; an embodiment of the story that you are creating together. I just really love love.

What I Love Most About Photos

- Monica + Mark

"She isn’t just a photographer who builds a client relationship, she is someone that you want in your life forever."

I capture memories for you to be able to look back on, see growth, marvel at the beauty of time and the resiliency of the human heart.

I find that capturing milestones are not only empowering but important. I believe that remembrance is an important aspect of growth, not for the sake of wallowing in failure or even celebrating success but for the sake of faith, hope, and love. My desire is to be able to articulate that power of growth in the art that I create for you.

I want to tell your story fully because I want your story fully known. Love changes us but it also changes those that we interact with. And I desire to breathe life back into this oftentimes, heavy, dark, world.

My Philosophy

Alyssa is a senior at Liberty University and a double business owner passionate about capturing the raw, intimate moments of your day. You’ll definitely find her on the dance floor while capturing all the fun of your wedding! She loves trips to the beach, thrifting with friends, and eating ice cream regularly!

associate shooter


My art is my own, but my love for it is shared and the collaboration it brings lights up hearts and minds. We all need that.

The team that makes it happen

Maura started her photography business 2 years ago and fell in love with every piece of a wedding day. When she isn’t photographing couples, she’s outside working in her garden, trying new recipes or spending time with her husband & their two dogs! She is here to make you feel as special and seen as possible on the best day of your life!

associate shooter


Claire loves the creativity of weddings and seeing a couple’s vision come to life on their dream day! When she’s not shooting weddings, Claire works full-time in a community health clinic, does some real estate photography, loves to be outdoors, and jumps at any opportunity to travel. She’s also a recent homeowner and is loving this new season of life!

associate shooter


- Sabrina + Zac

"This team takes the most simple backgrounds and turns them into stunning backdrops. They are so easy to work with, flexible, hardworking, and passionate about what they do."

We are intentional. We will look for the way that your eyes light up and how it affects your mood. We are encouragers. We will be sensitive, fun, and playful. We fully plan to be your friend even after all the excitement winds down, not only do we want to know your story but we want to be able to continue to be a part of it.

You can expect dance-party gifs when we deliver your gallery and a genuine "how are you doing?" as you plan your wedding. Please believe that we will be busting a move with you during your reception.

We value authenticity and honesty. This is a safe space to tell your stories, to laugh, to cry, or to send a text at 2 am asking for prayer. We're in your corner.

Expectations you can have for me and my team

MY Promise To You

Like maybe we are what you've been looking for?

Feeling excited about finding us?