Our couples are obsessed with the art of storytelling, open to bare feet in the grass, dancing in the rain, and golden hour rushes. Our couples are looking for an artist who will give gentle direction and let natural moments do the rest. We envision your session full of natural light, belly laughs, and, most of all, love. We're known for leaving our sessions and weddings as best friends with our couples; bringing all the happy tears to the surface when they receive their finished gallery. From start to finish, and long after that, we are in your corner.


What it's like working with us

I promise you are not awkward, anyone who made you feel that way during a photo shoot wasn't doing it right. There will be absolutely no prom-posing with us, we take more of a "directing" approach here. We will ask you to hold hands and walk bumping hips, have a tickle fight, whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears, anything and everything to capture those genuine smiles. All while playing a bomb playlist full of love songs to keep things light and not-at-all awkward.

This is how we capture your real, honest love. We don't fake it. Our approach will have you smiling big and make your love overflow into these images.

Don't know how to pose? Think you're awkward in front of the camera?

Hiring a photographer shouldn't be scary. If you think we'd be a good fit, just inquire! We'll follow up after you reach out to talk about your needs and what kind of coverage would be best for you! To book your date, a signed contract and a 25% non-refundable retainer are required. The retainer will go towards your total cost and just ensures that your date is in our calendar and not going anywhere, we are all yours!

One of the things we value most on your wedding day is really, truly advocating for you. It's special to have so many people that you love present on this day, but it isn't about them, it's about you and the love you share together. We are here to celebrate that and advocate for it all day long. We prioritize you first, capturing your love and making your wedding day the best ever! Your day is safe with us.

Along with this, we recognize that we are the protectors of your precious memories and we take that role very seriously. Your images are backed up immediately following your wedding/session and multiple times throughout the editing process to ensure that they are never, ever lost. We also keep a digital copy of your finished gallery forever, so you can always get your photos back if something were to go wrong on your end.

- Julie + Caleb

"When you choose Tori Parker, you’re getting more than just someone to take pictures of your event; you’re getting someone who truly wants to serve you through the entire process. On our wedding day, she did everything from helping tie shoes to ensuring we ate the cake that we wanted so badly. She even helped me, as the bride, stay calm when all I wanted to do was panic. Tori is more than just a photographer, she is a friend."

A wedding guide to help you plan and get excited about the whole process

Video chats to get to know you even better

Some thoughtful gifts along the way

Your go-to coffee delivered to the bridal suite by us

Lots of excitement and energy throughout the big day

Moments & feelings captured in images to last a lifetime

Here's what you can expect along the journey with us:

We value honesty here, let us answer your questions!

I currently live in Virginia with my husband and our puppers. HECK YES TO TRAVEL, I'm always down for an adventure! If you’re inquiring about an international wedding, the answer will likely be a yes. I also have an AMAZING team of associate shooters, hand-picked by me, which essentially allows me to be in multiple places at once. Working with one of our associates could potentially eliminate some travel fees for you, depending on the location of your wedding!

Where are you located, do you travel for weddings?

Yes, yes, yes, I would LOVE to meet you! I'm more than happy to hop on a call, connect over FaceTime or meet up with you for coffee before you make your decision.

Can we meet you before booking?

I have an amazing group of talented women passionate and committed to giving you the best experience possible on your wedding day while working on my team. I know each personally and can't say enough good things about them, that's why I chose them. I handpicked each one myself based on their shooting style, professionalism, charm, and ability to create real art. They were all trained by me to give you that same special experience I would give you myself. All of the images are edited to specifically have Tori Parker’s style. There's also a chance that you won't need to cover any additional travel fees when my associate shooter captures your day, as they may live closer.

What's the difference between working with you personally or your team?

You deserve to have your love captured fully, and that means I don't limit the images I deliver to you. I will deliver as many images as it takes to tell your story. That said, it will ultimately depend on the number of hours you book us for and what happens throughout the day. I'm a notorious over-shooter, so you will likely get more than expected. You'll receive a minimum of 400 photos for 6 hours of coverage; 650 photos for 8 hours of coverage; and 800 photos for full/all-inclusive coverage.

How many images will I receive?

For sessions, you'll have the full gallery within 30 days. For elopements & weddings, I'll send sneak peeks 1-2 days after and the full gallery within 8-10 weeks. Every wedding is different and editing time varies, but I do my very best to get your photos in your inbox as fast as possible.

What is your turn-around time?

Transparency is important to us when it comes to investment. We want you to truly value your photos and experience with us. We actually have a whole page dedicated to those details for you!

How much do you charge for your services?

No, I do not.

Do you offer discounts?

No, I definitely will not. I’ve spent years creating my unique edits that will tell your story in my own way. The editing piece of this experience is my art. Multiple cameras could get the same shot, but the editing is what truly sets me apart, it is deeply personal to me. This is my promise to you, you'll receive all of your best moments delivered in the gallery. If you trust me, please don’t ask for the RAW images.

Will you give us the RAW (unedited) images?

I ask for a 25% non-refundable retainer upon signing the contract, this secures your date on my calendar. The remainder of your payment is due a month before your wedding, and we can put together a payment plan if needed. For sessions, the remainder is due a week before. I accept all payments through Honeybook, which is where most of our communication will happen.

How does payment work?

I'm up for anything, wind and rain don't scare me and they can actually make for some pretty fun photos. I can prepare for the weather, camera gear in hand, just fine. If it's totally miserable and/or dangerous, we can definitely talk about rescheduling.

What about bad weather?

I don't do any body modifications in photoshop, that is so not my heart. I'll touch up things like acne, bruising, or shadows, but I will never trim the size of someone’s body or "fix" what they think is "broken." We are all about authenticity here, in life and photography. You are beautiful the way you are, love.

Will you photoshop or modify my body?

I totally do, and absolutely love teaching and supporting you in your business and life! Visit the education page for more details and to book a mentor session with me.

Do you offer mentorships?

Yep, go to my homepage to check out my travel schedule!

Do you have a travel schedule?


Think we'd be a good fit?

Does this kind of experience stand out to you?